Group & Incentive Travel

Our expertise with group travel  is dated back June 1995 when Vasko Vassilev at the time head Violinist of the Royal Opera House (ROH) asked Gio Parla to organise their USA tour for the ROH orchestra. This would include to organise, the travel for over 140 passenger, instruments and equipments, flights, hotels and land transportation within the USA also from London to Los Angeles and to the east cost of New York and back to London.

The tour lasted for a month, and everything was organised in a such tight schedule that sometimes the artists would arrive to the theater just two/three hours before a brief rehearsal and then straight to the concert. Yes it was a challenge but all went extremely well and  we never stopped organising group tours ever since. Clients: ENB, Vanessa Mae, Armand Assante, Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro just to mention few.